About Us

Cabling123TM is a global cabling company in operation since 2003. We are honored to design, manufacture and build cabling infrastructure for some of the world’s largest data centers.

Create the ultimate customer happiness in their cabling experience.

There is no greater goal for this company than to please our customers. Customer happiness is part of our culture. This means we’re responsive, reliable, and easy to work with. We like to throw in a little fun now and then. It’s our intent to make things easier for our customers. We’ve found it’s a direct path to their happiness.

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Our mission

Simplifying cabling through innovation

The complexity of cabling infrastructure is a commonly acknowledged issue for network owners. Our approach would need to be innovative and creative. Simplicity would be the driver of our R&D. We understood from the beginning, we would need to change the entire business process.


Our history

Our firm was launched in 2003 from a home office in California. CEO David Wang was taking a risk, as most entrepreneurs are inclined to do. The cabling industry was stuck in the status quo. A lot of sighing and shrugging - that’s just how it is. Everyone saw the problem. David saw the opportunity.
He reached out to former colleagues in the field. From those conversations, the solution was clear: simplicity. That’s what his company needed to bring to the table. Even the most orderly of architectures were devolving into a tangle of confusing cables as needs changed and data centers grew.
Research and Development
The first step was research and development. To maintain quality control, all manufacturing would be done in-house. Slowly the company built a portfolio of simple, innovative solutions. A few employees came on board. Customers started to hear about us and a buzz began to build. We found ourselves working for giants in the networking industry.
Worldwide Technology
Today we have offices in the U.S, Europe, the Middle East, and China. We manufacture thousands of products and shortened our lead times. We grew organically and Cabling 123TM remains privately owned. We continue to learn from our customers. Technology never sits still, complexity continues to increase, and we commit to helping our customers meet new challenges and demands.

Customer happiness

For us, this is self-explanatory. When customers are satisfied, we did our job. But when customers are happy, there is a genuine connection. An authentic friendliness and a sense of trust naturally develops. We are more than colleagues. When our customers are happy, so is our team. We’re building life-long relationships.

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Our membership program is our latest innovation. It’s a customer service revolution to build lifelong relationships and increase customer happiness.

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