Flying High: EVO™ Air

Innovation is an opportunity that we fully embrace. Our research and development lab is always buzzing. We factor in conversations with our customers then let the creativity fly. EVO™ Air is the above-the-rack connectivity creation from Cabling 1,2,3. The wire manager revolves around the chassis for 360° flexibility. Cables can be guided however you need them. EVO™ Air responds to the demand for high performance and scalability. No rack space required.
EVO™ Air

Migration Made Simple with EVO™

An IT datacenter approached us about migrating to a 40G fiber infrastructure. Our design team helped them visualize a new scalable architecture that meets current and future demands for connectivity. Every component is manufactured to spec, labeled for ease of installation, and shipped to the customer’s location.

Cluttered Space?

Rack and Stack123™ Solution

Space is always at a premium in any datacenter. When we’d visit customer locations, clutter was an ongoing problem. We built a simple solution with a 4-step configuration model.

Rack and Stack is an integration process to stack up switches, servers, and storage equipment onto a rack or cabinet for data center deployment. Redundant power distribution units are also installed along with network and power cables.

Stack your rack onsite or off – it’s built for rapid installation. Everything off the floor, easy to find assets – declutter your space.


Middle of the Rack (MOR) Cabling

Patch panels and connectivity switches have always been installed on the top of the rack. The premise is that backbone cabling from the ladder cable tray can connect to a rack with the shortest reach. But as cabling architecture and connectivity demands evolve, MOR is a cost-effective configuration that improves cable management.

The average cable length is shorter: 4.3 ft versus 6.5 ft

On average, in-rack cabling uses half the amount of cables

MOR consumes half the wire management space

MOR is 25% less expensive than TOR


EDGE™ Cable Fabric

EDGE™ cable fabric is the starting point for high-performance network topology. We offer solutions that touch all facets of the architecture:

EDGE Spine & Leaf Cable Fabric

Our solution to the physical challenge of rack space density on layer 2 switches. Data centers can use less cable, gain more space and simplify cable management. Helps resolve the

EDGE Cable Bundle Server Stack

EDGE cable bundles for server stacking save up to 50% on product cost, with time savings of 80%. Compatible with TOR or MOR placement.

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