The Benefit of Innovation is Simplicity

Innovation is considered a dramatic sweeping change. In the complex environment of network infrastructure, innovation creates order from chaos.

Cable connectivity is critical to performance. In the current environment, tangled ropes of unidentifiable are the norm. Service and maintenance are time-consuming and error prone. As the network expands – more devices, more connections, and more bandwidth –  the chaos grows with it.

What may have started as an orderly architecture has grown into a complex, unmanageable mess. Our mission is to help restore and maintain order.

Simplification is the Solution

To solve the complexity problem, we have to start with the cables and panels themselves. We have an advantage because we manufacture all our products in-house. This allows us to maintain quality standards while flexing to meet specific requirements. Owning the manufacturing process allows us to add design and product innovations for easier installation and maintenance.

  • Introduced Micro-Core™ fiber bundles, and later Slim-Patch™ with 10 times the density
  • Made “cables fly” with the KITE® solution
  • Designed a 2000 SFP+ / QSFP+ cable fabric for data center spine-leaf architecture
  • Designed and built a 512-fiber robotic switch to enable physical layer automation

That’s just the start.

Manufactured to Spec

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a cable or panel only to discover it’s not what you need. Our design engineers do an onsite, pre-sale assessment to capture your requirements. Once you review and approve our proposed plan, we put your build in the queue. Every bit of your order is manufactured to the agreed-upon specifications. We test everything before it leaves the factory – the quality is unquestioned. You get exactly what you need, properly packaged and delivered on time.

Cable Identification

Something as simple as a labeling system will significantly reduce the burden of installation and maintenance. All our fiber optical cables are clearly labeled, end to end, with the serial number, part number, and product name. Installation is easier and time to service is reduced. Technicians have the information they need, minimizing disruptions resulting from human error.

We also offer a passive RFID tagging solution (barcodes) including the scanner. RFID technology provides a simple and cost-e­ffective way to scan an item remotely and enables faster pass-through for larger cable volumes.

Color-coding cables allow technicians to visualize the infrastructure. Each cable type is manufactured in a different color, standardizing the layout for easy access to the proper cable. Nine standard colors are available. We also accept color customization requests to align cable colors with the customer’s brand.

“We were visiting a customer data center,” remembers CEO David Wang. “Suddenly we hear shouting from one of the upper floors. Turns out, two fiber technicians had a cable stretched out and were yelling part numbers to one another.” 

Solutions On the Floor

We listen to the challenges facing customers and brainstorm solutions to meet them. Everything we do is designed to lower costs by improving space usage and ease of installation and maintenance.

  • Rack and Stack-1,2, 3 is an integrated process for stacking servers, switches, and storage equipment on a rack, with distributed, redundant power sources on the cables. We can create the stack at the data center or offsite and we perform a complete test cycle before installation. The final stack improves airflow in the rack, increases available space, and simplifies cable management and equipment maintenance. Rack and Stack-1,2, 3™ is designed for rapid installation.
  • CATO Super Slim Patch Cord is 2x thinner than the standard cord, requiring half the space. With a tight bend radius, cable management is easier. Snagless connectors make for easy release and a built-in strain boot provides easy access to high-density applications.
  • Fiber-a-Box is a simple cost-effective solution to improve accuracy when testing connectivity in engineering labs. Housed in a portable RU rack-mount chassis, it comes in 6 or 8 spool configurations. Each spool holds up to customer fiber lengths up to 200 kilometers. The front termination panel can support LC, SC, FC, or ST type connectors. No need to order cables for testing – they’re all in the box.

Reduced waste

Studies have shown that 70 to 80% of used fiber optic cables can be stored to factory standards. We offer a 4-step resorting process that includes cleaning, visual testing, optical testing, and repackaging. By reclaiming fiber, data centers reduce waste and support the environment. Plus, resorting can save up to 75% on the cost of replacement cables.

Simplified Billing

Our idea of innovation isn’t limited to the data center floor. Doing business with us should be simple too. Orders are billed under a single part number or bundled under a single SKU. Less time spent doing paperwork with no reason to worry you didn’t get your full order. There’s an itemized bill of sale included with every delivery and a copy provided to accounting.

Ready for 400G

As the industry moves to 400G, network architecture will undergo radical changes. We’ve already enhanced our portfolio of 400 G-compatible products. Data centers and hyperscale locations can start transitioning now.

  • Slack ZeroTM is a pre-terminated trunk cable to simplify lab testing by providing spools of fiber in pre-determined length the unit weighs less than a pound and is magnetized to easily attach any place on the rack.
  • EXO Connectivity Hub: EXO® modules allow scalability as data center connectivity needs change. With plug-and-play modules, EXO® can grow on-demand. The EXO includes are modules for fiber, copper, wavelength, and optical power management. With 48 diverse ports, the platform delivers flexibility and space savings, today and in the future.
  • High-capacity cables and connectors: Our selection includes QSFP-DD MPO cables providing multiple lanes of fiber connectivity. CS 400G Connector offers 40% more density than the LC connector and is 1/3 the size. The SN Duplex Connector can be placed in groups of 4 in a 400G adapter. 400G DAC copper cables and AOC optical cables are available with built-in receivers.

At Cabling 1,2,3 innovation isn’t an add-on, it’s ingrained in our culture. We’re motivated to respond and resolve the complicated issues our customers face by simplifying their cabling infrastructure.

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