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Innovation is an opportunity that we fully embrace. Our research and development lab is always buzzing. We factor in conversations with our customers then let the creativity fly.

Here are some innovations from our cabling portfolio.

EVO™ Air

EVO™  Air is the above-the-rack connectivity creation from Cabling 1,2,3. The wire manager revolves around the chassis for 360° flexibility. Cables can be guided however you need them. EVO™ Air responds to the demand for high performance and scalability. No rack space required.

Our EVO™ modular panel and cassette solution is designed for high performance. EVO™ delivers scalability and density to help future-proof today’s data center environment. A single versatile platform supports 1 0G, 40G, and 100/120G across the data center architecture. With this versatility, the EVO™ product family offers the highest performance – using the least amount of space – anywhere in the data center.

(Check out our other over-the-rack solution KITE® – it makes cables that fly!)

Middle of the Rack (MOR) Cabling

Patch panels and connectivity switches have always been installed on the top of the rack. The premise is that backbone cabling from the ladder cable tray can connect to a rack with the shortest reach. But cabling architecture and connectivity demands continue to evolve, it’s time to take a second look at in-rack cabling.

In many cases, MOR is proving to be a better choice for high-performance computing, blade server configuration, and high-density switches. Here are some quick facts:

  • The average cable length is shorter than a TOR configuration: 4.3 ft versus 6.5 ft
  • On average, in-rack cabling uses half the amount of cables
  • MOR consumes half the wiremanagement space
  • The solution is 25% less expensive than TOR

There are other advantages too. In-rack cabling improves airflow in the rack. It saves time and labor during deployment and facilitates rapid installation. The high-quality cables and connectors are available in several colors for an organized, professional look. Customer customizations are available.

TOR is traditional and is certainly a good option in some circumstances. But in today’s data center environment, MOR is a cost-effective configuration that improves cable management.

EDGE Cable Fabric

EDGETM cable fabric is the starting point for high-performance network topology. We offer solutions that touch all facets of the architecture:

  • Network fabric options for Spine & Leaf switches
  • Cable bundles for server rack and stacking
  • Custom cabling designs for infrastructure building

The EDGE catalog is tailored to each customer’s configuration or project. The order is billed under one part number for a network fabric, server rack, or the entire data center. We believe simplicity is key, in cabling and for business operations. Our process is optimized for network owners and VARS.

EDGE Spine & Leaf Cable Fabric responds to the physical challenge of rack space density of layer 2 switches. Data centers can use less cable, gain more space and simplify cable management. Our custom-bundled cable can be ordered in  8, 16, or 32 Spine Switch configurations. Cables options include SFP+/ QSFP+ and QSFP28. The average lead time is 2-4 weeks from engineering to deployment. EDGE Spine & Leaf is a proven solution preferred by Web 2.0 customers.

EDGE Cable Bundle Server Stack is a high-performance cable bundle for stacking a rack. The bundles run on the left and right sides. It’s compatible with TOR(?)  and MOR placement, though middle of the rack uses less cable. Overall, EDGE cable bundles for server stacking save up to 50% on product cost, with time savings of 80%.

EDGE Cabling for Data Center Build is our turnkey solution.

Our design engineers assess your equipment before deployment. All cables, switches, connectors, and panels are manufactured to your specifications. Cables are labeled and color-coded. The packaging is labeled with the component it contains. We supply everything you need to build out the data center, delivered direct to your location. Our teams are always available to answer questions or troubleshoot issues.

Customers Encourage Innovation

We gain knowledge from listening to our customers. In fact, their input feeds our research and development. If you have suggestions, ideas, or challenges you are looking to solve, please share them with your sales representative. We will schedule a meeting for discussion and a better understanding of the idea or issue. Then we put in the hopper at R&D to percolate. We can’t promise everything will come to fruition. But nothing changes without an idea, a concern, a problem that needs fixing.

Let’s do this together.

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