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Loyalty Benefits

Live Technical Consults

All three membership tiers offer live technical consultations, product discounts, and unlimited support via chat or email. Free trials of new products too.

Simplify Inventory

In the upper 2 tiers, we’ll manage your inventory in our U.S. and/or China warehouses. You always have what you need, when and where you need it.

Expedite Delivery

Depending on the plan you pick, we offer 2 day or next-day shipping from the warehouse . It’s always on time and properly packaged.


Pick Your Plan


This plan includes:
$ 100 a month annually
  • 10% discount on products
  • 1 hour of live technical consultation per month
  • Unlimited email & chat Q& A
  • Exclusive Fiber Resorting Services
  • Our monthly newsletter
  • Get industry updates
  • New product trials
  • No tariff charge
  • Charge for domestic shipping only


Includes Chardonnay plan plus:
$ 250 a month annually
  • 15% discount on products
  • 2 hrs of live technical consultation per month
  • Vendor managed inventory: Member paid inventory held at our facility in California and/or China
  • Options for private labeling
  • Next day shipping
Best Value


Includes Chardonnay plan plus:
$ 500 a month annually
  • 20% discount on products
  • 3 hrs of live technical consultation per month
  • Vendor managed inventory: Member dedicated inventory – 50/50 price share with Cabling123 at our facilities in California and/or China
  • Options for private labeling
  • Same day shipping before cut off


We think relationships should last beyond the sales cycle. Cabling is complex. Unexpected issues can come up, especially as the network grows. A membership plan lets us assist customers, offer discounts and expedite delivery.

No. It’s for every customer. We want to simplify the business process. Members don’t need to run around trying to source materials. We deliver quality, high performing products at a discounted price. Fast turnaround times too.

First, it’s stored in one of our facilities. We manufacture the parts you use – so we know what to keep in stock. When you need it, we ship it, to any location, anywhere, anytime. Customers have no administrative burden.

A bigger benefit comes with Cabernet membership. Not only do we store and manage your inventory in our facility, we offer a 50/50 price share. The savings for customers are enormous.

Of course. If you’d like to upgrade, just let your sales rep know. He or she will handle all the details. You’ll be told the start date, new billing date and the plan will be updated in the membership portal.

Ask us about our rewards program for customer referrals!


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