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The post-pandemic supply chain hasn’t recovered as quickly as hoped. Most industry segments have bounced back and are resuming global trade operations. Supply chain logistics continue to be a major roadblock to a return to normal trade practices.

The ports are still congested and backlogged. In 2020, the cost of a shipping container from China to California rose by 240%. There are material shortages, impatient consumers (especially on the retail side) and demand forecasts are a mess. According to ING, the cost of shipping is here to stay until at least 2023.

We remain committed to on-time delivery for our customers.

Shipping Logistics

On-time delivery has always been part of our customer happiness vision.

We do all our manufacturing in-house, so we have total control of the build schedule. We understood the impact of the pandemic early on and increased our inventory on hand. You can’t ship something you can’t build. Our standard lead time from build to ship is two weeks. We maintained that timeline in 2020 and continue to hit the mark in 2021.

Domestic shipping in the U.S has been unaffected. We can deliver via ground or air, depending on our client’s preference. We have consistently hit the on-time delivery mark. It’s drop-shipped to your location(s) or your sales rep makes a personal delivery.

There’s no question that international freight is a challenge but we have a workaround to facilitate delivery. We have two manufacturing facilities – one in the U.S. and the other in China. We use them to determine the best location for your build based on the shipment destination. There are warehouses in both countries, so we can source materials in-country. In addition to our presence in China and the US, we have offices in Europe and the Middle East. No matter what time zone you’re in, we’re ready to respond.

New Membership Option

We’ve recently begun a new program to speed up shipping for U.S. locations. It’s a three-tiered plan that includes live technical consults and unlimited chat and email support.  The top two tiers also offer inventory management in our warehouse and expedited delivery. These memberships offer two-day shipping or same-day shipping before the cut-off. Learn more.

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