KITE®: Cables that Fly!

KITE above rack cabling

Meet KITE® – our unique, over-the-rack cabling system. It’s a fun, fast solution for structured cabling that doesn’t require any rack space. The unit is magnetized and instantly attaches anywhere on or above the rack. It’s simple to deploy, allows mobility, and is capable of extending remote connections.

The KITE’s® 0u configuration doesn’t have a chassis, so it won’t use up valuable vertical rack space. It doesn’t need to be assigned to a specific rack. The standalone unit has multiple configurations available, so system engineers can customize the device to their requirements.

Cassette Panel Add-on

We offer two 400G capable panels with modular cassettes: EXO™ and EVO™. Both offer a KITE® equipped cassette to work with your existing equipment. If you’re considering the purchase of either panel, ask your sales rep about the KITE® cassette option.

EXO™ panel supports up to four cassette and feed-through modules. Modules can be mixed to match your connectivity requirements. With 48 diverse ports, the EXO™ platform offers flexibility and space savings. The EXO™ KITE is an optional cassette that supports one EXO™ module.

EXO® KITE® with EXO® Cassette Part #: 88EXO-KITE

EVO™ panels deliver a single versatile platform that supports 1 0G, 40G, and 100/120G throughout the evolving data center architecture. The high-density chassis has 14 slots in 2U or 5 slots in 1U. Built-in and pre-installed wire management capabilities can route cables top, bottom, and sideways.

EVO® KITE® with EVO® Cassette  – Part #: 69EVO-KITE2

KITE® takes cabling off the rack and into the airspace. It’s flexible, configurable, and simple to deploy. A plug-and-play solution that gets your cables flying in minutes.

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