Connect 123: Our Turnkey Solution

Connect 123: Turnkey solution model

At Cabling 1,2,3, we’re not inclined to a one-size-fits-all approach. Every data center, engineering lab, or hyperscale environment has its own requirements and challenges. Selling customers products without considering their infrastructure is short-sighted.

At Cabling 1, 2,3, we take a different approach.

New Builds, Retrofitting & Data Center Migration

Since 2003, we have been cabling some of the largest network environments in the world. We know that structured cabling plays a key role in maintaining a stable backbone infrastructure. Time and cost efficiency is always of the essence. We want to offer both.

Connect-123™ is our latest innovative cabling and connectivity solution. It’s an “In-a-Box” approach that removes the dependency of the actual deployment environment. From architecture to turn-up, we provide high-quality products, design-manufactured to your unique specifications.

1. Architecture

The architecture should be simple to implement, easy to maintain, and able to scale. From the beginning, those are the priorities in our planning process. With that in mind, we consider the location’s space usage and technology. Next a review of the network and storage needs. We consider the out-of-band connections needed to keep the network secure. We do an onsite walk-thru with your team and ask a few questions to make the assessment.

2. Planning

Once we understand the environment, the next step is to dive deeper into the details. We start by considering the network topology – physical and logical. How will the rack layout work best with the space, with sufficient redundancies to avoid service disruptions. Any equipment we suggest is 10/40/100/120G ready to ensure scalability. Nothing is final until it’s reviewed and approved by your network admins or engineers.

3. Design

Once the plan and quote are approved, we start designing your custom build. Everything is manufactured in-house and shipped factory direct. Asset placement is finalized at Top of Rack (TOR) or our innovative Middle of Rack (MOR). Spine and leaf switches are spec’d for maximum redundancy and critical connectivity. Our team will put together a design plan using visual diagrams and present it for your review and approval. Once it’s approved, your order goes to the line. There’s just a two-week lead time from build to ship.

4. Deployment

Simplicity is the goal and installation is no different. Everything arrives properly packaged, delivered on time at the designated location. We prep and test your Rack and Stack unit. It comes with pre-installed and interconnected switches, servers, storage, and power distribution equipment. It’s a plug-and-play, space-saving solution. All the backbone cabling is included, bunded, and labeled end to end, along with the patch panels. Everything you need is in the box. Even the paperwork is simple – we bill your order under a single part number.

5. Turn Up

Before connecting to the network, the configuration and connections are tested offline. Once the results are validated and confirmed, you’re all set.

The Connect-123™ Box

This is a turn-key solution to set up your data center that comes in a single box. We offer global support, face-to-face consulting, step-by-step details, and design to manufacture builds.

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