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What is Customer Happiness?

Creating the ultimate customer happiness is our vision. Customer satisfaction is based on past performance. We strive for happiness every day.

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KITE above rack cabling

KITE®: Cables that Fly!

Meet KITE® – our unique, over-the-rack cabling system. It’s a fun, fast solution for structured cabling that doesn’t require any rack space. The unit is

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Rack and Stack integrated process

We Stack Your Rack

Rack and Stack 123 is a pre-stacked solution for servers, switches, and storage equipment. Stack the rack onsite or off.

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The Dangers of Dust

A recent study said 80% of data center owners blamed containments for network failures. Dust and other airborne particulates are the main cause.

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on-time-global delivery

On Time Delivery

The post-pandemic supply chain hasn’t recovered as quickly as hoped. Most industry segments have bounced back and are resuming global trade operations. Supply chain logistics

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